Nominate Someone for the SCHA-MI Awards!

Nominate someone for the Marilynn Keeslar and Apple Awards! Nominations due September 12th Marilynn Keeslar Award The Marilynn Keeslar Award recognizes an individual who encompasses the traits of Marilynn Keeslar. Those of you who knew Marilynn remember her as a strong and passionate advocate for children and school-based and school-linked health centers and programs. She was the coordinator at Fitzgerald Health Center for many years and served as the state liaison with Clinical Fusion. Marilynn sadly passed away from cancer and several of our members and colleagues thought it would be a wonderful tribute to her to recognize someone from...
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Bridge Magazine: Who Wins, Loses if GOP Efforts Slay Obamacare

Last week, Bridge Magazine came out with a fantastical article which highlighted the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If you aren’t familiar with Bridge, we highly recommend you check out their article on the ACA, as well as many other topics. They are one of the few journalism sources in Michigan to produce high-quality journalism on topics that affect Michigan. From the article, This map shows what analysts say the faltering GOP Senate health care plan would impose severe cuts to Medicaid over time. See where your county stands in share of population now covered by Medicaid.

National Healthcare Update: What’s happening

A news summary from last week on the healthcare: Low-income Americans pay more under Senate bill. Loren Adler and Paul Ginsburg run the numbers, and estimate that out-of-pocket health spending would rise sharply for Americans earning less than $25,000 or so. The biggest hike would be on older Americans. Adler and Ginsburg, in an analysis for the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy, find that “the magnitude of this change stems in large part from the elimination of the ACA’s cost-sharing subsidies.” Read the full report here. “GOP Floats Proposal to Ease Medicaid Cuts”: “Senate Republicans, scrambling to win support for their health-care bill,...
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Last Friday, Governor Synder signed the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget. Within that budget, there was continued funding for the Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for the Child and Adolescent Health Program. An additional $500k was allocated within the K-12 Budget to support any potential changes due to decreased funding in medicaid match. We are excited to be partnering and continue our longstanding relationship witt the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure that Michigan school children have access to quality health care. We will be providing more updates and information on the budget...
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SCHA-MI Hosts Youth Advocacy Workshop for the Corner

The School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan hosted an Advocacy Workshop for the Corner Health Center last week in Ypsilanti. Members of the Corner’s Youth Leadership Council participated in a session that covered topics including the Affordable Care Act, the efforts to repeal and replace the ACA, the federal/state budget processes, and strategies for working with legislators to advocate for adolescent health. The workshop came at an ideal time for the Youth Leadership Council: they were recently chosen to lead a county-wide health project. SCHA-MI is excited to work with SBHCs on improved their advocacy! Please contact Kevin Lignell at for...
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SCHA-MI Interviews Lakeview Adolescent Health Center

Samantha (10) and Airianna (14) are two students from Lakeview Adolescent Health Center in Battle Creek, Michigan. SCHA-MI Communications Consultant Kevin Lignell interviewed them and their provider, Samantha Gonzalez, about how their School-Based Health Centers improve their lives. Kevin Lignell: When did you start using your School-Based Health Center? Airianna: In 6th grade, they opened. (I used it) when I didn’t feel good or when I needed to use mental health (services). For a little time they didn’t really have a doctor at the time. It’s like a doctor’s office so it’s really cool. We had a nurse and she...
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How Can We Affect Health Care Reform?

Dear Supporters, Last week the School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan was active at both the state and federal level, working to ensure policies that support School-Based Health Centers remain intact. On Tuesday, we hosted our annual Youth Advocacy Day, with over 150 students representing 15 health centers visiting the capitol. These centers met with state senators and representatives of their districts; student leaders explained the importance of school-based health care and implored why they should continue to fund their centers. Out of the 29 legislators we visited, four were not aware of SBHCs prior to the event. We learned some...
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From Patient to Board Member: Zeaira Chestang is a Leader for School-Based Health Care

When we advocate for School-Based Health Centers, we often talk about the essential care and support that they provide to youth. However, one thing that is not always as clear is the leadership role that these centers play in their lives. Take Zeaira Chestang for example. Growing up in Ypsilanti Michigan, Zeaira remembers visiting the Corner Health Center. She was born when her mother was 17-years-old. “If the corner wasn’t there, my views on health and life would have been different,” said Chestang, “I would have probably been deprived of basic health needs.” Now a 22-year-old college student at Schoolcraft College, Chestang...
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