My Health Story

Agnes Todd

My Health Story: Agnes Todd

I am Agnes a student at Adams Upper Elementary School in Westland. I am in the sixth grade. I have been going to the Oakwood Adams Child and Adolescent Healthcare Center for two years. They are really good. They can help students overcome any situation.

I think school based healthcare is important. There should be a clinic in every school. If I get hurt I can go there and they will help me.

The clinic has helped me get over some of my fears. I have received help for my personal problems. I go there when I feel upset. I go there when I have a headache or fever and they help me. They call home so my parent knows what’s going on. They can get me if I cannot stay in school.

The clinic has helped me get rid of my headaches and make me feel like I am a better person. This helps me to stay in school. I have come to school instead of staying home many times because I know that the clinic is there if I need it.

The clinic is way better than I ever expected a school clinic to be. I feel safe there. The clinic could be improved by adding more room to see more kids. There are only 3 rooms and many kids get sick during the day. With more rooms and more people to help the kids they could be seen quicker.

The school based healthcare clinics should continue to be funded so they can help sick kids. If there wasn’t a clinic we couldn’t solve our problems or get rid of our illness. If there wasn’t a clinic kids would be sick and have built up emotions. They would have to wait until they could get an appointment and miss more school before they felt any better.

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