Health Care Reform: What’s Next?

Following the failure of the American Health Care Act, Paul Ryan declared that we would be with Obamacare for the foreseeable future. What exactly will that mean for us, though? A few media sources too a stab at what that might mean:

What’s Next for the ACA and the People It Covers?

Decisions made by the Trump administration and Congress as well as state policymakers over the next few years will help determine how many people the ACA covers, how affordable the coverage is, and its cost to federal and state governments. Such decisions include whether and how the administration will use its executive authority to sustain, or undermine, the law’s key provisions, and how Congress might ensure the stability of individual health insurance markets nationwide. Read more

A Horrible GOP Health Bill is About to Get Much, Much Worse

The Trump Administration desperately wants a health bill — virtually any health bill — that it can say repeals Obamacare. And it is willing to go to any extreme with far-right legislators to make that happen. Read more

With GOP bill dead on arrival, Michigan health care industry insiders push for tweaks to ACA

Now that the Affordable Care Act will remain the law of the land, health care leaders would like to see Congress and President Trump work to improve the federal health reform law. Read more

What Americans Really Want in Health Care Reform

Based on the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health Tracking Poll, the infographic provides a sense of where Democrats and Republicans agree and where the partisan divide remains wide. Read more

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