Outreach Tips for your Center

Back-to-School: Outreach Tips for your Center

It’s already August 6th – Where exactly did summer go? You’re probably getting bored in your center, so hang on, things are about to get very busy!

Are you ready for back-to-school programs and events in your school?  Be sure to get your brochures printed, updated, and easy to understand.

Outreach Tips:

Get your Consent packets ready for all of the back-to-school events.

Be sure the front office of the school knows about you, and what you can help with.

Be sure to touch base with coaches and counselors about your services, and ask for places and events you can help them with.

Be sure your snack cabinet is full, ready for those kids who come in early with empty tummies.

Say “hello” to new and not so new teachers and administrators. Get out of the health center, and stroll the halls and say hello to new staff who are busily preparing their classrooms.  Tell them what a great resource you are, and how to refer kids to the center.

Set a time that you can present to teachers and support staff about the services you provide, and the Medicaid services you can help them with.

Find out when your PTSA is meeting, and be sure to say “Hello”, and explain your services.

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