Freddierika Prince

Because they CARE

My Health Story: Freddierika Prince

Because they CARE

By: Freddierika Prince
Saginaw High School-Based Health Center

I’m an 11th grader at Saginaw High and I’ve been going to the School-Based Health Center since I’ve entered the building my 9th grade year. The health center staff have been helping and they also take care of me.

When I first started off going to the School-Based Health Center it was just for a bandaid, a physical or any other medical attention I was seeking. They’re going to drop everything and do what they need to satisfy me or any other student that visit the Health center. They only do this Because they CARE.

Toward the middle of the school year, I started to get closer with Ms. Amanda, a health educator in the health center. Then she introduced me to the rest of the Staff. They took me in as their own. They care for me they help when help is needed. And they only do it Because they CARE.

I’ve built a bond with the staff members in the health center. To a point they are not even considered staff members.  To me, they are my Aunties.  My family includes: Mama Manda, Auntie Kenya, Auntie Sarah, Auntie Kandra and Auntie Kaylea. I know when I walk in the health center, I’m home. I can go to the health center for anything. My mom and my aunties of the health center are there when I’m mentally, emotional and physically hurt. Why… Because they CARE.

The health center is important to me and my mom when my mom can’t get me to the doctor when I’m sick or become sick at school. They are there. They help me and it saves my mom gas money to give to people to pick me up and take me to the doctor, because we don’t have a car. If a student walks in the health center sick or is hurting, but they maybe not be sign up in the health center, my aunties and mom of the health center will do all they can to help the kids of Saginaw High. They only do that Because they CARE.

Like I said earlier, the health center is my family. If I’m hurting they’re hurting and they let me cry on their shoulder, and don’t mind if they get tear or two on their outfit. If I’m thirsty they will find me something to drink. If I’m hungry… Since everyone in the health center knows Freddie loves to eat, they’re going to find me a snack or two. If I just need some attention, period, they are my audience and they will give me a standing ovation. They do these things Because they CARE.

My health center aunties and mom are like my long lost family. They fill the puzzles piece in my heart that I’ve been missing. My health center aunties and mom are the best to me and any other student in that school, and I love them for that.

I know that if I walk in the health center, I know I’m going to feel loved, wanted, and cared for by them. They always help when you’re down, when you need them most. I know if I go to the health center I know I reached my home and my new beginning to life. If the Health Center was gone I don’t know where I would be. They gave me so much that I don’t even know how I would feel without them. I can’t say it better, the Saginaw High School-Based Health Center does all these amazing for the kids in our school, Because They CARE!


About the My Health Story Contest

School-Based Health Care Awareness Month is the time each year that we pause to celebrate the value of school-based, school-linked and school wellness programs. This year, we asked youth across Michigan to tell us how a School-Based or School-linked Health Center has improved their health and helped them to succeed in school. Contestants wereasked to submit an essay about their experiences with a Health Center. Stories will be posted daily on our website beginning in February during Awareness Month to the end of April when we host advocacy day. You can see all the contest entries here.

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