6 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your SBHC During Slow Summer

6 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your SBHC During the Summer

With the end of the school-year is upon us, it’s time think about ways to use the school that you are located in to promote your center during the slow summer months. In all of your outreach, be sure to include information on how your center can enroll people in Medicaid programs (including the adults in the family) as well as promote your center and it’s services available in the summer. Be sure to keep recruiting for your Advisory Board too!

1. Ask to put a small notice in the final progress reports that says you’re open all summer, and how to get in the building.


2. Remind people to get sports physicals over the summer months.

Nurse with a patient in the hospital

3. Outreach to your GRADUATES! Be sure they’re ready for college with all immunizations up to date. Give them a “graduation gift” of updated physical and imz’s!

Group Of High School Students Celebrating Graduation

4. Outreach to coaches now (always!), and to whomever is in charge of summer school.

Male High School Basketball Team Playing Game

5. Outreach at 9th grade, or whatever is your lowest grade, orientation.

Group Of High School Students Running Along Corridor

6. Outreach at all “end of the year” opportunities, including commencement.

Graduation Caps Thrown in the Air

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