SCHA-MI Honors Legacy Heroes




Legacy Hero Award Winners

These heroes have been with us for a long time, and we couldn’t have made the strides in child healthcare without them beside us.

State Partners                

  • James Haveman
  • Nick Lyon
  • Janet Olszewski
  • Kathy Stiffler
  • Carrie Tarry
  • Nancy Vriebel

Education Partners

  • Walker Beverly
  • Pat Nicols
  • Nino Rodriquez
  • Kathleen Strauss
  • Roberta Stanley

Legislative Partners

  • James Blanchard
  • John Dingell
  • Pan Godchaux
  • Goeff Hansen
  • Peter MacGregor
  • Mickey Mortimer
  • Mike Pumford
  • Debbie Stabenow
  • Joe Schwarz
  • Fred Upton
  • Raj Weiner
  • Gretchen Whitmer

Health Center and Community

  • Kathleen Conway
  • Stephanie Painter
  • Doug Paterson
  • Bob Sheehan
  • Kim Sibilsky
  • Gail Warden
  • Terri Wright

Trailblazer Award Winners

Our Trailblazers were among the very first school-based/linked health centers in Michigan.  If they hadn’t done it right, we probably wouldn’t have been able to promote the school-based/linked model of care.

  • BALDWIN FAMILY HEALTH: Linda Shively, Carol Burba, Kathy Sather
  • THE CORNER HEALTH: Versell Smith, Dave Share, MD, Nancy Margolis
  • WILLOW HEALTH CENTER: Anne Scott, Dr. Ruth Worthington, Bruce Bragg, Pat Farrell

Partner Trailblazer Award Winners

These partners have helped promote the model of care, and provided opportunities to the field of centers.

  • The Michigan Council for Maternal and Family Health – Paul Shaheen, Amy Zaagman
  • Michigan Association of Health Plans – Rick Murdock, Dominick Pallone

Marilynn Keeslar, and Apple Awards were given at lunch to:

Mary Lou Jaffray – Marilynn Keeslar                     Shawn Washington – Apple Award


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