National Healthcare Update

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National Healthcare Update: What’s happening

A news summary from last week on the healthcare:

Low-income Americans pay more under Senate bill. Loren Adler and Paul Ginsburg run the numbers, and estimate that out-of-pocket health spending would rise sharply for Americans earning less than $25,000 or so. The biggest hike would be on older Americans. Adler and Ginsburg, in an analysis for the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy, find that “the magnitude of this change stems in large part from the elimination of the ACA’s cost-sharing subsidies.” Read the full report here.

“GOP Floats Proposal to Ease Medicaid Cuts”: “Senate Republicans, scrambling to win support for their health-care bill, pushed a measure Thursday that they said could ease the impact of the bill’s Medicaid cuts on low-income people.” —Louise Radnofsky and Kristina Peterson, Wall Street Journal

“White House enlisting conservative groups to pressure GOP senators on health care bill”: “The White House is quietly seeking to pressure senators to support the GOP health care bill with a network of grassroots and pro-life organizations.” —Josh Dawsey, Politico

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