Why You Should Work with SCHA-MI

Why should you work with SCHA-MI?

We Know School-Based Health

School-Based Health Centers differ from other types of health centers. SCHA-MI recognizes this and embraces the challenges and opportunities of school-based centers. We are the only organization in the United States that has this experience and currently offers this level of billing and technical assistance expertise to school-based centers.

We Are Billing Experts

One of the benefits of working with SCHA-MI is that we are experts in billing. We work with clients to realize opportunities that centers are missing. We can train you and your staff on how to maximize reimbursement for provided services. When is the last time you updated your encounter sheet? SCHA-MI can review and provide regular updates and recommendations. Are you transitioning to an EHR? A traditional encounter form offered by the software may not fit. your billing and reporting needs. Are you interested in learning about how to work with insurance companies to be recognized with pay-for-performance dollars? Let SCHA-MI help you.

We Have the Combined Resources of Over a Hundred School-Based Centers

SCHA-MI is a unique organization, and a state and national advocate for over a hundred school-based and school-linked centers. We work with centers to keep us informed on best practices and challenges related to school-health. Our training and technical assistance is an informed response to the challenges and best practices we see in the field. We have a strong relationship with the national organization and provide not just a Michigan perspective but a multi-state view.

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