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What Our Students are Saying…

“Speaking personally, I am with friends and family here that I never had before. I used to fight everything in sight. I bullied kids. I often thought of harming people and myself. But thanks to the THC I now break up fights, and defend the bullied, and help kids like me find a better way than to harm themselves or others.

This program (THC) provides us help with issues such as depression, anxiety, health as well as providing us with supplies that we may need (toiletries, etc). We are also given advice with issues that we deal with outside of school and at home. They give us the care we need that others cannot or will not provide.”

Amisael, 16 years old

“The clinic has helped me get over some of my fears. I have received help for my personal problems. I go there when I feel upset. I go there when I have a headache or fever and they help me. They call home so my parent knows what’s going on. They can get me if I cannot stay in school.

The clinic has helped me get rid of my headaches and make me feel like I am a better person. This helps me to stay in school. I have come to school instead of staying home many times because I know that the clinic is there if I need it”

Agnes, 13 years old