SCHA-MI Podcast

Welcome to the SCHA-MI podcast!

Episodes feature insightful conversations with state and federal legislators, government department members, medical professionals, and other experts on the topic of Child and Adolescent Health Centers (also known as School-Based Health Centers).

Hosted by Alex Frankfort, SCHA-MI Communications Manager.

Episode #1 – Tagg Doll, Manager, Child and Adolescent Health Services Unit, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Tagg Doll sits down with us to discuss School-Based Health Centers, the mental health impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students, School-Based Health Care Awareness Month, and more.

Episode #2 – U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow

Senator Stabenow talks with us about the importance of supporting the primary care, mental health, and various other needs of underserved students during school hours. Senator Stabenow also informs us about her new legislation which will provide significant financial and technical support to SBHCs across the country.

Episode #3 – Michigan State Representative Abdullah Hammoud

Representative Hammoud discusses the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on school-age children across Michigan, particularly in regards to their mental health. Plus, how school-based and school-linked health centers will play an important role in providing care and support for those students moving forward.

Episode #4 – Michigan State Senator Wayne Schmidt

Senator Schmidt discusses his longtime advocacy for the school-based health center network in Michigan and his belief that SBHCs are a crucial solution to help students with their increasing physical and mental health needs during the pandemic.

Episode #5 – Michigan State Representative Mary Whiteford

Representative Whiteford tells us about her ongoing efforts to expand mental health support and resources across the state, including her creation of the Michigan Crisis and Action Hotline and her recent advocating for increased state funding to support thee expansion of school-based health centers.

Episode #6 – Congressman Fred Upton

Congressman Upton sits down with us to chat on the importance of children and adolescent health resources during the pandemic and his belief that bi-partisan cooperation and collaboration from legislators and every day citizens alike is the key to moving forward into a brighter future.

Episode #7 – Dr. Robert Shaner & Principal Allison Roberts

Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaner and Hart Middle School Principal Allison Roberts from Rochester Community Schools chat with us about the return to in-person learning, the way schools are working to address new student needs resulting from the pandemic, and the importance of mental health care and support for students in schools.

SCHA MI Podcast Episode #8 – MDHHS Director Elizabeth Hertel

Director Hertel joins us to chat about MDHHS’ priorities ensuring a smooth and successful transition for students back to in-person learning this school year following the pandemic, as well as their concerted effort to expand the state’s community mental health resources across the board.