What’s in the Federal Budget for health?

Increase for Title V MCH Block Grant in FY18 Omnibus Appropriations The omnibus appropriations bill passed by Congress March 23 to fund the government through the remainder of FY2018 includes a $10 million increase for the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant over the FY17 level. The bill text can be found here (details regarding Maternal and Child Health on page 919). The report language can be found here (details on Maternal and Child Health begin on page 8 with spending tables on page 96). Here’s a quick summary of notable features of the appropriations package compiled...
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My Health Story – Skylar Clark

Skylar Clark Pontiac High School-Based Health Center Why school-based health care is important to me? School-based health care is important to me because, if I can’t get to the doctor or something health-wise while I’m in school, they will always be there. And another reason why school-based health care is important, that are always there to help you and give you good information about health. School-based health care has helped me in many ways by being a good student and also, by being healthy to my everyday life. My center has helped me in my confidence in so many ways....
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My Health Story – John Jenkins III

John Jenkins III Saginaw The question was presented to me the other day as to exactly how the Saginaw High School-Based Health Center has helped me.  This was my answer.  The health center has helped me in multiple ways such as first my primary medical needs (headaches, sore throat…) but believe it or not, that’s not the only way that they have helped me. They are all wonderful people starting from the second you walk through the door and see the lovely Ms. Kenya. She greets you with a smiling face and a witty banter. Then you see the lovely Ms. Kandra...
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My Health Story – Jamaica Simmons

Jamaica Simmons Saginaw I joined the Teen Advisory Council (TAC) my freshman year in high school. The TAC’s main goal is to encourage student involvement in the community, promote academic excellence, and keep students aware of health-related issues that affect our community. One essential reason I joined the TAC is because I have a passion for giving back to others and to my community. When I became a member of the TAC I joined the Philanthropy Committee. While a part of this committee, I had various opportunities to serve the community including: food drives for Thanksgiving, water dries for the...
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My Health Story – Aiden

Aiden Durand School Wellness Program Aiden was referred by the middle school counselor to the School Wellness Program due to anxiety surrounding eating at school  Aiden’s mother explained to the Mental Health Counselor that at the age of 6 Aiden had a traumatic experience choking on a piece of hard candy that completely cut off his airway.  His mother, using the Hiemlich procedure was able to clear his airway.  It had been life threatening for Aiden.  The trauma soon led to Aiden becoming reluctant to swallow and then developed into a significant eating problem.  Aiden who was slight in build...
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My Health Story: Whitney Hoppe

Whitney Hoppe Harbor Beach High School My name is Whitney Hoppe and I’ve been going to the Student Health Center at Harbor Beach High School for three years. School was never been an issue for me until I reached high school. It was a whole new ball park. I didn’t know any of the students my 9th grade year because I’d been in rural schools. I went in lost. I was alone, excited, terrified and trying my best to fit in. A few weeks passed and I think the teachers noticed I wasn’t doing well. They took me aside and...
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How do you de-stress?

For many of us, the holidays are a time to reflect and spend time away from a busy schedule for family and friends. But they also bring an unwanted passenger: Stress! Holidays can mean cramming more work into a smaller period, dealing with strained familial relationships, and traveling long distances in poor weather. We know holidays can be stressful, so we asked our center staff: How do you de-stress? Here are some insights from health center staff and health partners: “Meditation, music, walking” – Lisa VanMaele, OIHN Pontiac High School “Music, oils, and breathing” – Myra Smeester, MDS CAA ECP “Meditation, and talking...
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My Health Story Contest

What’s YOUR health story? #Myhealthstory School-Based Health Care Awareness Month is the time each year that we pause to celebrate the value of school-based, school-linked and school wellness programs. Each year, we ask youth across Michigan to tell us how a School-Based or School-linked Health Center has improved their health and helped them to succeed in school. DETAILS: Contestants are asked to submit a 300-500 word essay about their experiences with a School-Based or School-linked Health Center. Stories will be posted daily on our website beginning in February during Awareness Month to when we host advocacy day. The story should answer one...
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