Parent: I am so thankful for our center at Mt. Clemens

I am so thankful for our center. My 6 year son was was having problems in school. He couldn’t sit still long enough to learn and he was getting suspended every other day for his behavior problems. We were getting referrals to behavior clinics, but a lot of the clinics were booked and they weren’t able to see my son for months. Then, I learned our health insurance had gotten cut off. My family was getting so frustrated. I just wanted to get help for my son. At his age, I didn’t want him to miss school and be behind....
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Cyberbullying now a crime in Michigan

This spring, new cyberbullying laws began that could have an impact on your day-to-day life. These laws were created to reduce cyberbullying by creating harsh penalties for those who harass people online. What you need to know: If someone posts online about wanting to hurt you or tries to make you afraid that they want to hurt you, they can now get in big trouble if you tell the police and if the police find out that the person meant what they said If you say on the internet that you want to hurt someone and someone tells the police...
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Parent: Every community deserves to have a health center

I would like to share my gratefulness for a wonderful, top notch health center. The staff at Cherry Health’s Cedar Springs School Health Center are both knowledgeable and friendly. They serve both my child and our community in various ways. From athletic physicals to treating strep throat, children can now have their basic health care needs met right at their own school! This helps to decrease absenteeism. The location is convenient for families, and children can be seen without missing a lot of school. I’m so excited they recently expanded the program to accept families and household members of the...
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SCHA-MI Delivers “Get Well Soon” Flowers to Legislators

On Thursday, the School-Community Health of Michigan delivered close to 150 sets of flowers to legislators with “Get Well Soon” cards inside. Inside of the card reads, “Not Sick? We Know”, and goes on to explain lack of health care can keep kids out of the classroom. The flowers are being used as an unique, introductory education piece for our legislators to educate them about the benefits of our school-based health centers. Over the next few weeks, SCHA-MI will host multiple advocacy events with legislators including a “coffee and donuts” presentation, School-Based Health Center Awareness Month, and Advocacy Day.

MLive: State funding recognition of K-12 mental health issues, advocates say

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Gov. Rick Snyder recently signed legislation designating $31.3 million for School Mental Health and Support Services within the K-12 budget. Advocates for children say years of lobbying and advocacy finally paid off in December. School leaders say every year they try to meet the growing needs of students with mental, emotional or behavioral disorders with limited resources. “We are abundantly grateful for the allocation because it acknowledges student mental health issues are a problem in our schools,’’ said Ottawa Area ISD Superintendent Peter Haines. “For a long time, there has been a universal outcry that this...
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Governor Snyder Approves $30 Million for New Mental Health Services in Schools

On December 27th, Governor Snyder signed Senate Bill 149 (H-1), which funds over $30 million for school mental health support services in schools. The bill caps off a successful year for mental health and education advocates, who are now commending the addition of crucial resources to help children in need residing in underserved schools. Senator Goeff Hansen and Senator Peter MacGregor were co-sponsors of the bill, which included $5 million to hire additional licensed mental health care providers in School-Based Health Centers (referred to as child and adolescent health centers in the state budget). These providers would be placed in...
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SCHA-MI Honors Legacy Heroes

      Legacy Hero Award Winners These heroes have been with us for a long time, and we couldn’t have made the strides in child healthcare without them beside us. State Partners                 James Haveman Nick Lyon Janet Olszewski Kathy Stiffler Carrie Tarry Nancy Vriebel Education Partners Walker Beverly Pat Nicols Nino Rodriquez Kathleen Strauss Roberta Stanley Legislative Partners James Blanchard John Dingell Pan Godchaux Goeff Hansen Peter MacGregor Mickey Mortimer Mike Pumford Debbie Stabenow Joe Schwarz Fred Upton Raj Weiner Gretchen Whitmer Health Center and Community Kathleen Conway Stephanie Painter Doug Paterson Bob Sheehan Kim Sibilsky Gail Warden Terri...
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