Staff – Alex Frankfort

Alex Frankfort

Communications Manager,

School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan

Spending most of his nights as a child cocooned under the bedsheets, sneaking more reading time with the aid of a flashlight, Alex has been captivated by storytelling from a young age. As he grew, this passion evolved into a skillset of reading and writing that was then honed through education and work experience. The bookworm emerged a red-proofing-pen-toting butterfly.

As the Communications Manager at SCHA-MI, Alex oversees and develops all organizational messaging, promotional content, and outreach campaigns. He ensures our website looks great, our spelling is accurate, and that all our external communications are persuasive, powerful, and effectively support our mission.

Before joining SCHA-MI, Alex spent his career working in advertising agencies and in-house corporate marketing departments across the state, facilitating the needs of a broad range of clientele, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and more. He has an expansive knowledge of and fluency with all manner of communication and marketing solutions including digital ads, social media content, collateral, and anything else that helps get the word out.

After hours, he spends as much time as he can outdoors with his family, hiking, biking, camping, and doing watersports, Michigan-weather permitting! Alex is also a huge comedy-buff and avid cinephile. He can recite most Mel Brooks movies by heart if provoked.