Staff – Robin Turner

Robin Turner

Director of Field Engagement and Training, Consultant,

School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan

Robin first became involved with the children’s health movement when her kids’ school in Lansing was awarded a school-based health center grant. At the time, the county commissioners decided to turn down that grant. Robin and other parents/guardians and community members mobilized and successfully advocated the commissioners to overturn their decision and move forward with the grant which benefitted over 500 children and their families.

Since then, Robin has served as a chairperson of an FQHC, chairperson of a school-based advisory board, and has fostered deep relationships with health centers across the state. For the past fifteen years though, we’ve been lucky to have her as a crucial piece of the SCHA-MI team. In her role, Robin develops grants, holds training sessions, and facilitates outreach to our field of over 200 school-based/linked health centers. She also coordinates our annual conference every year and leads our adult and youth advocacy events at the State Capitol in Lansing, MI.

In her free time, Robin is a scratch golfer (in her dreams!), reads junk novels and non-fiction alike, and enjoys gardening in her back yard with her little pond. She and her husband spend most weekends with their two grandchildren, ages 4 and 6 months. Robin also goes on longs walks every day with her golden-doodle, and takes her to libraries, schools, and health centers as a therapy dog as well.