Chlamydia Testing

Are you billing correctly?

Are you billing correctly for Chlamydia testing?

If you are billing for a generic GC test, this does not capture the Chlamydia screen. Chlamydia can be collected during a PAP smear collection (Culture) or via a urine test. Clients who have a clean urine test but present with symptoms similar to a UTI may have Chlamydia. The billing codes for a Chlamydia test by culture is 87110 and reimbursed at the Medicaid rate of $13.65. This would be billed in addition to the PAP screening. Chlamydia tests performed by urine sample are billed at 87320 and reimbursed at a rate of $13.18.

The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) Bureau of Laboratories (BOL) will host three calls discussing the required billing information to be included on test request forms sent to BOL. We will review the billing fields on the DCH-1248 Chlamydia trachomatis / Neisseria gonorrhoeae / Trichomonas vaginalis (Non-Culture) and DCH-0696 Blood Lead test requisition forms. Please attend if you have questions or have been receiving invoices with Correction Forms from the BOL’s billing agency, PCG.

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