6 Free Ways to Advertise Your School-Based Health Center

Keep services flowing in the summer months

6 Free Ways to Advertise Your School-Based Health Center

It’s finally summer! School is OUT, but kids still need access to a variety of health care services.

How do you keep services flowing without spending too much on advertising your services? Here are some suggestions that will cost little or no money, from Community Outreach Consultant Robin Turner. (Also, check out our first post on this topic from last month here)


1. Be sure your availability is on the sign in front of your school (if they have one!)

2. Ask to have the principal make “robo-calls” monthly over the summer about your center being open. When families hear the principals voice on the phone, they listen.

3. Since things are a bit slower in the summer, take a little time to meet your school-neighbors. Be sure they know the services you provide, maybe leave a brochure.  Move your outreach a little further out to any place that provides services to kids in the summer: YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.


4. Be sure your outreach efforts include promotion of Medicaid services as well. Don’t forget, your MI Bridges web-site can also be used to apply for other Medicaid services, including food assistance.

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5. COMMENCEMENT! You only have to attend for a short time.  Order some “swag”, and give things away.  Explain your services, have a table-top display. It’s fun because folks are excited for graduation.

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6. Keep recruiting for new Advisory Board Members – they will be huge advocates for your organization and help spread the word.

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