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IbnRaheem Abdul-Rahman

My Health Story: IbnRaheem Abdul-Raham

IbnRaheem Abdul-Rahman
Corner Health Center

The first time I came to the Corner Health Center was the first Monday of a month. That’s when they have this thing called Man up Monday. That’s when you can get a free hair cut and get food and games and more. I thought it was cool how they had all these stuff in a doctor’s office. I wanted to see what else was going on in this building. My sisters told me about the Youth Leadership Council (YLC). At first they made it seem boring so I didn’t go, but then I tried it and I liked it.

I kept on going to the YLC meetings and I tried to become a member of YLC. I was hoping that I would fit in. the day came for my YLC interview and it was my first interview ever. I know I messed up a lot because I thought it wasn’t going to be hard but it turns out I was wrong. Then I had to leave the room so they could make a choice to see if I can come in the group or not. I thought I wasn’t going to get into group but it turns out I did. And I wanted to join the group because I like helping and that’s What YLC is trying to do for the community.

Now I’m trying to give ideas of my own to YLC if I can think Of one. Right now we’re just working on projects to help the community to make life better for people. I hope we get to meet more people, see new faces, and come up with new ideas. I think they should have more places like the Corner because more ideas can be shared. We might end up working with another group on an idea that can go big so we can help more then the community people. At the Corner I can get a free hair cut and help to change my community. I wish every young person in Michigan could Couldhave a place like this.


About the My Health Story Contest

School-Based Health Care Awareness Month is the time each year that we pause to celebrate the value of school-based, school-linked and school wellness programs. This year, we asked youth across Michigan to tell us how a School-Based or School-linked Health Center has improved their health and helped them to succeed in school. Contestants wereasked to submit an essay about their experiences with a Health Center. Stories will be posted daily on our website beginning in February during Awareness Month to the end of April when we host advocacy day. You can see all the contest entries here.


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