My Health Story - John Jenkins III


My Health Story – John Jenkins III

John Jenkins III

The question was presented to me the other day as to exactly how the Saginaw High School-Based Health Center has helped me.  This was my answer.  The health center has helped me in multiple ways such as first my primary medical needs (headaches, sore throat…) but believe it or not, that’s not the only way that they have helped me. They are all wonderful people starting from the second you walk through the door and see the lovely Ms. Kenya. She greets you with a smiling face and a witty banter. Then you see the lovely Ms. Kandra who while once taking a sample of my blood kept me very relaxed by asking me about my day which sometimes is all it takes. Then after being seen by Ms Sarah (the smartest lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting), I gather my things to get ready to leave but not before saying hello to the sweetest lady in the health center (Ms. Amanda). The point of this whole thing was to say that the health center has helped me physically and emotionally and without those women back there, I don’t know how I would get through my high school days.

About the My Health Story Contest

School-Based Health Care Awareness Month is the time each year that we pause to celebrate the value of school-based, school-linked and school wellness programs. This year, we asked youth across Michigan to tell us how a School-Based or School-linked Health Center has improved their health and helped them to succeed in school. Contestants were asked to submit an essay about their experiences with a Health Center. Stories will be posted daily on our website beginning in February during Awareness Month to the end of April when we host advocacy day. You can see all the contest entries here.

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