Introducing Our Communications Intern

Courtney Fox

Introducing Our Communications Intern, Courtney Fox

I am Courtney Fox and I will be working with SCHA-MI as the communications intern. I was born and raised in Muskegon, MI with two younger sisters. Growing up, I spent most of my time outside as I love to waterski, downhill ski, and golf. I also participated in Girl Scouts until I graduated from high school, which provided me with the opportunity to give back to my community. In my free time, I enjoy reading and going to the movies. My dream job would involve being a movie critic.

Although I dream of being a movie critic, I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Relations and Policy at Michigan State’s James Madison College. I chose this degree because I have been interested in politics since my youth, and it will hopefully provide more opportunities than a movie critic. James Madison College offers rigorous coursework, reading, and discussion on public affairs. Along with my major, I am also pursuing a minor in Educational Studies. With this degree I am hoping to secure a job in the public policy sector of government, specifically education policy. I first became interested in education policy when I read a book by sociologist Annette Lareau titled Unequal Childhoods. The disparities she uncovers is shocking, and, sadly, accurate for public schools across the US. My shock after reading the book, however, drove me to want to make a change to public education. I strongly believe that we cannot eliminate inequalities across race, gender, and class until we provide an equal education for all. SCHA-MI shares a similar view, but argues that students deserve equal access to comprehensive health services so they are able to learn and grow in school.

My time at SCHA-MI will be my first experience in the professional world. Although I am a mere intern, I will be doing far more than making coffee and copying paperwork. I will write blog posts every week on school-based health care. By writing blog posts, like this one, I will be able to improve my writing skills. These blog posts and daily tasks will also increase my knowledge of school-based health care. I am hoping to learn the challenges and opportunities school-based health care brings to our state. In the months following my internship, I will complete a research paper on a topic pertaining to what I have learned from SCHA-MI. I am also hoping to learn more about nonprofit organizations, advocacy, legislation, and communication. By participating in SCHA-MI’s Advocacy Day, I will increase my knowledge on advocacy for nonprofits and help schoolchildren pitch school-based health care to their legislators. Most importantly, I am hoping to meet new people while interning with SCHA-MI. Coworkers are the defining point of a job or internship. They also serve as an amazing source of information. I believe you can learn the most from talking with others about their drives, accomplishments, and life experiences.

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