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Saginaw Principal Wins Apple Award

Saginaw Principal Wins Apple Award

Beginning in 2011, the School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan began presenting a new award at the Annual Meeting: the “Apple Award.” The purpose of the award is to recognize our school-based and school-linked health center partners for their dedicated support to health centers in Michigan. These partners are appreciated for their consistent involvement and assistance provided to move the center’s work forward to achieve healthy learners.

Saginaw Principal Dr. Romant Roberts was awarded the Apple Award in 2015.


Dr. Roberts was a principal at Saginaw High School from 2010-2015. He was the head principal from 2013-2015. During his time as principal, Dr. Roberts has been entirely supportive of the Saginaw High School-Based Health Center and the Teen Advisory Council. He put protocols in place to make sure that all students were given SBHC consent forms (at orientation), and strongly encouraged all parents to sign their students up with the health center. He also made it mandatory for students who were ill to be seen in the health center before they called home sick for the day. He was also a strong supporter of the TAC.

In the fall of 2013, he designated a classroom to be used for TAC purposes only, and has allowed the group to keep the room since. This space has been used for weekly TAC meetings, group therapy, and working on TAC special projects. Dr. Roberts has been completely supportive of ALL activities and events implemented by the TAC, and always speaks highly of the group and of the health center. He truly is a SBHC champion in our school. He moved onto a different high school this fall (still in our district), and we are confident that his support will help us gain additional students that we may not have reached otherwise.

Dr. Roberts is a perfect candidate for this award!


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