Talking about Immigration Status with families seeking healthcare

Tips for Talking about Immigration Status

What are common barriers and fears immigrant families face? How can you encourage families with mixed immigration status to apply for benefits without fear of reprisal when becoming a citizen? These questions and more were addressed in the recent webinar, The In’s and Out’s of Immigration Status and Medicaid.

Here are some tips when talking to immigrant families about their health coverage:

  • Do not ask non-applicants to disclose their citizenship or immigration status
  • —Use broad questions and share general information about immigrant eligibility to help consumers identify who may want to apply for insurance while providing other welcoming messages early in your conversation. For example
    • The Marketplace provides coverage to citizens and noncitizens who are lawfully present.  Here’s a list of immigration statuses considered lawfully present …
    • We keep your information private and safe.  The application asks for some information about everyone in your family, but only a family member seeking coverage for him or herself has to answer questions about immigration or citizenship.
  • When asking questions about immigration and citizenship status of applicants:
    • Avoid asking if individuals are “undocumented” or “not lawfully present”
    • Instead use words like “eligible immigrant,” “eligible immigration status” or “ineligible”

Learn more from our Webinar, the In’s and Out’s of Immigration Status:

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