Governor’s FY17 Budget

CAHC Funding Intact

CAHC Funding Intact in Governor’s FY17 Budget

CAHC Funding Intact in Governors FY17 Budget

Governor Snyder has released his recommendations for the 2017 budget which includes $5.7 million for child and adolescent health centers throughout the state of Michigan. This funding will continue to support existing school-based, school-linked and school wellness centers.

With resources being poured into the Flint Water Crisis, the Child and Adolescent Health Program is expected to expand in the upcoming year. For the residents of Flint, the budget plan provides $65 Million for the families of Flint to obtain the resources necessary in the areas of safe drinking water, physical health, food and nutrition, and social and developmental needs including education. Funding will support:

  • Treatment of children with high blood lead levels including nurse visits, blood testing and environmental assessments
  • Child and Adolescent Health centers
  • Behavioral health for children exposed to lead
  • School nurses
  • Lab and testing costs
  • Funding for special education, nutrition, literacy support and staffing health professionals
  • Crisis counseling through local community mental health

Note: In addition to the state budget, Congressman Dan Kildee (D) has introduced legislation to support an additional two centers in the Flint area. 

Healthy Kids Dental Expansion

This budget plan includes the full expansion of the Healthy Kids Dental program to all of Michigan’s 83 counties, ensuring that every eligible child has access to dental care. The $25.6 million investment will increase the number of children with access to dental care nearly 3 –fold, to an estimated 826,800, compared to 285,000 who were covered in fiscal year 2011.

*HICA was enacted to replace the HMO Use Tax, intended to generate funds that will be used to leverage federal Medicaid matching funds. The governor’s budget recommendation includes the assumption that the Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA), which requires certain third party administrators, carriers and self-insured entities to pay an assessment on certain paid health care claims, will be extended and passed by the

The budget plan includes an investment of $3.4 billion in federal funds for the Healthy Michigan Plan to continue expanded Medicaid coverage.

Behavioral and Mental Health Services

The governor’s budget calls for continued support of behavioral and mental health services with $3.25 billion in gross funding including the Mental Health and Wellness Commission, Medicaid mental health services, and Medicaid substance abuse treatment. Funding for autism services is recommended at $63 million and expands coverage of applied behavioral analysis to the age of 21.

Other Updates

The Governor proposes to merge the Medicaid behavioral health system into the Medicaid managed health plans (boilerplate section 298), which would be a significant policy shift and is causing great consternation among consumers.

Additionally, the Governor proposes additional new funding for improvements to the Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) and for medication assisted treatment provided through drug treatment courts.

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