My Health Story

Aisha Fletcher

My Health Story: Aisha Fletcher

My name is Aisha. I am a sixth grader at Adams Upper Elementary School. I have been coming to the Oakwood Adams Child and Adolescent Healthcare Center for two years. The staff at the clinic really helps the students. When you are not feeling good they always see you and help you feel better. Even if they cannot see you right away they will call your classroom for you later that day.

I think school based health care is important because when students get hurt they can go there instead of going home and missing out on their school work. Last year the Social Worker helped me get over my anger issues. She helped me by meeting with me every week. We played a game and I would talk about my problems and learn how I could solve them.

The clinic helped me be successful in school because when I was angry I would get into trouble. When I came to the clinic to see the Social Worker I didn’t get in trouble like that anymore. I was able to get my shots here and see the nurse if I’m not feeling well. This keeps me in class and doing my work.

The clinic should continue to be funded because when children get sick they shouldn’t have to go home. They need a clinic that can help them so they can go back to class and do their work.  I think that my clinic is doing everything right. The only thing they can improve on is by having longer hours so more kids can be seen.

The staff at the Oakwood Adams Child and Adolescent Healthcare Center does a good job and should always be at my school. If they were not here kids would end up going home. They would not get the care that they need and stay sick or hurt.


About the My Health Story Contest

School-Based Health Care Awareness Month is the time each year that we pause to celebrate the value of school-based, school-linked and school wellness programs. This year, we asked youth across Michigan to tell us how a School-Based or School-linked Health Center has improved their health and helped them to succeed in school. Contestants wereasked to submit an essay about their experiences with a Health Center. Stories will be posted daily on our website beginning in February during Awareness Month to the end of April when we host advocacy day. You can see all the contest entries here.

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