How do you de-stress?

We asked our centers and partners!

How do you de-stress?

For many of us, the holidays are a time to reflect and spend time away from a busy schedule for family and friends. But they also bring an unwanted passenger: Stress! Holidays can mean cramming more work into a smaller period, dealing with strained familial relationships, and traveling long distances in poor weather.

We know holidays can be stressful, so we asked our center staff: How do you de-stress? Here are some insights from health center staff and health partners:

“Meditation, music, walking” – Lisa VanMaele, OIHN Pontiac High School

“Music, oils, and breathing” – Myra Smeester, MDS CAA ECP

“Meditation, and talking with friends” – Susan Hope Dundas, PA-C, Ingham Community Health Centers – Willow Health Center

“Stretches and Deep breathing Exercises” –  Jessie, Youth Health and Wellness Center

“Yoga, mostly! Always interested in learning about more way to de-stress” – Anna Burns, School-Based Health Alliance

“Relax with a good book” – Jonnie Hamiton, St John Providence Community Health

“Reading and guitar” – Bobby Dorigo Jones, Michigan’s Children

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