Ideas for School-Based Health Center Awareness Month

School-Based Health Center Awareness Month 2019

Ideas to celebrate!


  • Be sure the sign in front of your school has a message about SBHC Awareness Month! Also, update your webpage.
  • Make a Presentation to your school or school board about all that you do.
  • Put notes in teacher/staff mailboxes that it’s Awareness month, and stop in for swag, cupcakes, or something small to celebrate.  Maybe give them bandaids, hand sanitizer, or Kleenex for their desks! Ask you Advisory Boards to put together something, and deliver to the mailboxes.
  • Thank your Advisory Board, or ask that they thank the staff for their great work.
  • Ask your clients what they like most about your center, and post the comments on a bulletin board or FB page.  Have your  Student Advisory or Parent Advisory Council put the bulletin board together.  Be sure to give out swag to the youth that participate!
  • Have balloons in your exam rooms and hand out swag all month.   Ask someone in your community to provide the swag if you don’t have any.
  • Put a little note in notices home about SBHC Awareness Month, and thank the family for being a part of your center. Maybe add a note about current health issues, such as the flu, and of course, remember your Medicaid outreach!
  • Give staff a  gift of neck massages, or other spa-like service during “staff meeting” as a surprise and thank you.


  • Hold a mini health fair; blood pressure checks, hand out safety information, Medicaid outreach information, ask others in your community to help out.
  • Recognize your staff with a fun lunch – ask you Advisory Board to bring it in or to participate.
  • Hold an art contest or mural design or bulletin board for your center – offer a nice prize.  Meijer will give up to $50 in requested donations in a month sometimes, so you could ask them to donate the prize.
  • Hold an Open House – as big or small as you want to go.
  • If you’re part of a large fiduciary, sometimes the other health centers in your system don’t know what a school-based/linked center is.  Invite them over during a little Open House, and share the wonderful things you do.

Other ideas?  Please share with us!!!

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