SCHA-MI Presents at Michigan Department of Education Meeting

How to Michigan a Top 10 Education State

SCHA-MI Presents at Michigan Department of Education Meeting

SCHA-MI Executive Director John Bindas presented at a public forum held my the Michigan Department of Education last Tuesday on School-Based Health Care. The forum asked stakeholders what steps they needed to take to make Michigan a top 10 state in Education. Bindas stressed that the school-based health care program should play a crucial role in education, and that we should look for ways to expand the program when financially feasible.

Bindas cited national studies which demonstrate that school-based health centers help kids succeed academically by addressing the root causes of school absenteeism, which include health-related problems, family-related problems, and other school-related problems. Studies have shown that sudents who use SBHCs are significantly more likely to stay in school and graduate than similar students who are not using their services. Research also has demonstrated that SBHCs in middle and elementary schools are associated with greater levels of school engagement and satisfaction with the learning environment than those in high schools.

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