Waterford Teen Health Center

Health Advocates host Rep. Jim Tedder for a tour

Representative Jim Tedder Tours Waterford Teen Health Center

On Monday, representatives from Oakland Primary Health Services and Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners provided a tour of the Waterford Teen Health Center for State Representative Jim Tedder. Rep. Tedder’s office is located in District 43, which covers sections of Oakland County. The legislator is a a former educator who believes in providing quality and efficient services to kids.

Having never visited a school-based health center before, Rep. Tedder was surprised that this facility existed in his own backyard and that he was never aware of it. He exclaimed that the meeting was “very informative” and he seemed impressed by the range of services that SBHCs provide. Passing an Nursing Advanced Practice Bill was also another main topic of discussion.

This visit was made possible through the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners. If you are interested in hosting an elected official at your health center, contact SCHA-MI’s Communications Director Kevin Lignell at klignell@scha-mi.org or 517-908-0847.


Representative Tedder talks with health advocates about SBCHs and Nursing Legislation.

Representative Jim Tedder

From left to right: Sherry Rose (MDHHS), Mona Farroukh (OPHS), Olivia Visperas McLaughlin (MICNP), Nicole Blair (Waterford), and Representative Jim Tedder.

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